About Us


Our Approach

Internet marketing is in my blood. It is more than a hobby, or a job, or a means of making an extra income. Internet marketing for me is an obsession.

Every spare moment I have had for the last few years has been spent searching... searching for the BIG SECRET that all of those internet Guru's never tell you about.

I have read books, watched video's, listened to podcasts and downloaded books from Audible, searching for that  extra piece to the puzzle.

I am on the yellow brick road searching for the great wizard. I have met quite a few wicked witches who have cast spells upon me and diverted me from the truth, but none of their spells have dampened my spirits.

Follow the yellow brick road... follow the yellow brick road... and though I have not discovered any great wizard yet, I am still far away from Kansas searching... just searching!

Our Story

I have spent many years in affiliate marketing and blogging and social media. Some of it has been a costly waste of time.

I have made every mistake in the book - video - pdf and I continue to make mistakes. But the truth is, I enjoy it. I have given it up several times in desperation and exasperation, but always come back to it a few weeks or months later.

You should not begin the internet marketing journey if you are desperate for a few extra bucks. You would make more money and a lot faster, if you just got a spare-time job at a car-wash.

My journey has taught me one thing... there may be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... but have you ever tried to catch the end of a rainbow?

Like a lot of people, I chased quite a few rainbows, before I realised it was like chasing your own shadow!

Building a residual income online does not involve chasing the rainbow... it involves building your own rainbow and some rainbows take time to build, which means you have to stick with it, otherwise your newly built rainbow will start to fade away and you will have to start all over again.

The secret to internet marketing is patience and common sense and quite often, money up front... if you don't have either of those... stop now!

Next Steps...

Every internet affiliate marketer has to start somewhere. There are certain things a marketer needs, like a gold-digger needs tools like picks, shovels, pans and a sieve, or a fisherman needs a rod, a line, a hook and a nice tub of live bait, or maybe some nice shiny spinners.

All of those tools are fine once you have them, but then you need to find a river, or a stream, where the fish are, or the Gold is.

That is where the real skill lies... and affiliate marketing is no different... you need to know how to find the river or the stream.... yes, the river or stream of internet traffic that will feed you and keep a roof over your head and clothes on your back.

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